Hello online community!

My name is Mint and this is my first post ever to introduce myself and to talk about My NutriNosh blog πŸ™‚

Born and raised in Lyon (known as the gastronomy capital of France), I made the move to the UK for a job in chemistry about 11 years ago and I’ve loved living here so much that I decided to stay permanently!

I would call myself a Foodie as I always had a keen interest in food in general, cooking meals from scratch to feed my friends and family, searching and experimenting new recipes and flavors, and of course, eating (gained few extra pounds to prove it)!

In the more recent years, I started to take more of an interest on the effects that food has on my physical and mental health but also on our planet well being. Whilst the movement on vegan and meat free diets went viral across the world, I don’t think I could realistically ever go fully vegetarian. However, I am willing to do my bit for the environment by reducing my meat consumption and try adopting a more flexitarian approach to my diet (better having all of us doing it partially that only a handful of us doing it fully!).

Being allergic to some nuts and intolerant to certain food (thank you IBS…) I would find it quite tricky at times to find recipe collections online or in recipe books that would provide me a tailored tasty solution to my diet requirements and restrictions. So to get a better understanding on how to design bespoke nutritious recipes, not just for myself but also the people around me who have allergies/intolerance or just don’t like certain foods, I decided to get a qualification in Nutrition and Weight management (check out the Future Fit website if you are interested!). If being locked down was good at anything this year, it was to give me that kick to do this and the time to finally follow my passion for Food in more depth!

This blog would follow my journey experimenting on myself and my guinea pig (ie my boyfriend aka Mr Pombear 🐻 ) in order to achieve our personal respective goals (weight loss for me and strength/endurance for him). It will be done through a combination of my simple tailored meals (we all have busy lives hey!) and some HIIT exercises designed by my other half that require little to no equipment. I will be sharing my adapted recipes, reviews and tips with you along the way as I progress with my study, so stay tuned for more πŸ™‚ Thanks for visiting my blog!

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